Admission Form

Personal Data

Father/Guardian Information

Academic Record

  1. The particulars furnished above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
  2. I do further undertake that in case, any information is found incorrect at any stage, my candidature for the admission may be canceled and appropriate disciplinary action may be taken against me.
  3. If any of the document proves bogus or forged, the college reserves the rights to take any legal action against me.
  4. I am applying for admission with the express consent of my parents / guardian. If admitted, I shall observe the rules of the college and shall beliable to any penalty. Including rustication / expulsion. In case of any violation.
  5. I will devoted myself whole-heartedly to my studies and maintain the dignity and prestige of the college within and outside the college premises.
  6. I will not leave the college without written permission of the Principal.
  7. I will pay all the dues before leaving the institution.
  8. I will have no objection if my admission is detained by the college authorities either before or at the time of the BISE Examination.
  9. I will no appeal in any court of law against the decision of the disciplinary committee / Principal.