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Complaints & Appeals

We facilitate the author(s) in genuine appeal to editorial decisions. The editor's final decision is always the result of broad discretion in determining the best appropriate article for the Journal. If the author(s) believes that there is an inaccuracy in reviewing the article, the formal appeal can be initiated with a detailed description of possible errors they believe occurred.

Editors will consider the appeals in actual cases such as additional factual input by the authors, revisions, extra material in the manuscript, or appeals about conflicts of interest and concerns about the biased peer review. Any kind of baseless reason or protest from the author will not affect the final decisions until substantial evidence is provided.

In any case of an appeal or complaint the author may write to us with a detailed description of the concern along with the relevant information supporting the concern at editorajer@acecollege.edu.pk

AJER will acknowledge the receipt of appeal/complaint and investigate the cases with relevant guidance from the Committee on Publication Ethics, where applicable.