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Research Highlight

Social Capital Plays a Pivotal Role in the Development of Urban Development

Osman Alipour
Young Researchers and Elite Club, Sardasht and Urmia Branch, Islamic Azad University, Sardasht and Urmia, Iran

Utilizing the concept of capital in its social aspect plays a fundamental role in order to sustain the social development. Even though, the term “capital” is chiefly employed in the perspective of the economy, but these days, it is being proposed as one of the significant cases in the development. In general, Social capital has been added as the forth type of capital in economic analysis and is considered as a network of social relations which is calculated by means of norms including trust and civil as well as social participation1. This term can also be defined as:

“Social capital is a source of communal interactions which is the connecting feature of social factors and it makes utmost use of physical and human resources for the purpose of development as well as progress of the society”.

It is considered as a guiding code to attain development and those managers become successful who can understand the significance as well as function of social capital, properly. Social capital has the ability to strengthen mutual obligations among individuals. Furthermore, it can advance the community towards development. Accordingly, urban development is regarded as a measurement of development which is concerned with an enhancement in the social, economic as well as cultural situation of the community for which formation and amplification of social capital is needed2.

These facts urged scientists for performing a new research in order to study the role of social capital in the urban development in Sardasht. Accordingly, Sardasht is a Kurdish city in Western Azerbaijan province.

During this experiment, the sample was chosen among young people having age over 18 and for this reason, 375 participants were chosen. A questionnaire was conducted in order to collect data. Afterwards, for determination of the strength of the questionnaires, opinions of seven teachers as well as experts in urban planning were also employed. Cronbach’s alpha was then utilized to evaluate the reliability of variables3.

The outcomes of this research exhibited that there lies a noteworthy and positive association between social capital as well as urban development. In a nutshell, this study suggested that there is a significant and positive relationship between the dimensions of social capital and urban development in Sardasht.


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