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Submit Your Best Paper

Please read the instructions carefully and follow them closely to ensure that the review and publication of your papers are as efficient as possible. The Editors reserve the right to return manuscripts that are not following these instructions. All material to be considered for publication in the Asian Journal of Emerging Research should be submitted in electronic form via the journal's online submission system.

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Take the First Step and Submit!

Asian Journal of Emerging Research considers the publication of original research that has not been previously published. Submission to AJER implies that the submitted manuscript is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

Online Submission

Asian Journal of Emerging Research accepts the new & revised manuscripts only through its online Submission System.

Submission of New Manuscript

Asian Journal of Emerging Research uses the AMS Central to manage new submissions and peer-review. Submission sites require you to create an account to submit. If you have created an account on the journal's site previously, this can be used again to submit new manuscripts. If you are New at AJER, Click here to create an account to submit.

For new submissions, we recommend that you submit your paper as a single PDF file that contains all the necessary text, figures and tables.

During the submission process, you will be asked to provide an email address for each author and reviewer. All corresponding authors are also required to submit a LiveDND iD and it is best practice to use a LiveDNA iD to identify each author.

At submission, you will be asked to suggest at least three possible reviewers for your article. But you can skip this step if you are not interested to suggest a reviewer for your article.

Digital Identifier

We encourage authors to provide LiveDNA IDs during manuscript submission. Otherwise, we will request the author to provide us the most updated CV of the corresponding author to generate LiveDNA.

Want to know more about LiveDNA? Visit the website of the LiveDNA.

Submission of Revised Manuscript

If you are submitting a revised manuscript, upload your revised submission to the submission system and include the following items:

Response to reviewers: Address the specific points made by each reviewer. Include your responses to all the reviewers' and editors' comments and list the changes you have made to the manuscript. Upload this as a "Response to reviewers" file.

Revised manuscript (marked-up copy): Include a marked-up copy of your manuscript file showing the changes you have made since the original submission. The best way to show these changes is the "Track Changes" option in Microsoft Word. Upload this as a "Revised Article with Changes Highlighted" file.

Revised manuscript (clean copy): Upload a clean copy of your revised manuscript that does not show your changes. Upload this as your "Manuscript" file.


Final Proof Corrections and Submission

The next step in the publication process involves reviewing the galley proofs for your article. Please return the checked galley proofs via e-mail (editorajer@acecollege.edu.pk) or an online submission system within 72 hours of receipt. Late return of galley proofs may mean postponement to a later issue. Please make a copy of the corrected proofs before returning them; keep the copy for your records.

This step is entirely the responsibility of the corresponding author. The galley proofs will not be read by editorial staff. Errors that you fail to mark will be published.

The corresponding author of an accepted manuscript will receive e-mail notification and complete instructions when page proofs are available for review via a secure Web site. A final proof will be provided in Portable document format (PDF) files of the typeset pages. The attention of the authors is directed to the instructions which accompany the proof, especially the requirement that all corrections, revisions, and additions be entered on the proof and not on the manuscript.

Note that you are being asked to correct errors, not to revise the paper. You will not be charged for our editing mistakes or typographical errors, but you will be charged for any alterations from the original text that you make on the galley proofs. Extensive alteration may require Editorial Board approval, possibly delaying publication.

Please follow these guidelines when reviewing the galley proofs:

Submission of Final Proof Corrections

The next step in the publication process is to submit finally checked galley proof. Take the following steps to provide the final proof corrections:

Note: If you are completely SATISFIED with the final proof, just inform the Editorial Office about your satisfaction via email or via an online submission system. Only on the receipt of your final satisfaction opinion, the Editorial Office will send your article for final publication.

Terms & Conditions of AJER's Submissions